Coming Home To Yourself

Sep 02, 2021

Is it true that we’ve lost our connection to ourselves and nature?

How often do you observe nature and take lessons from her ways, like the ancient Taoists did?

In the book the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu mentions “nature does nothing, yet everything is done”. Think of how a seed germinates, flourishes, flowers and pollinates. Effortlessly - without setting goals! It’s a reference to a lack of striving and settling into our ‘beingness’- something we can definitely integrate into our modern busy lives. Letting things unfold, rather than hustle and push. The Tao can be translated as The Way of Not Forcing.

Try this out: Catch a moment today and let things unfold rather than directing or controlling it.

And what of your connection to yourself…do you care for your body - the home of your soul and spirit? Many people are interested in spirituality and meditation, seeking higher consciousness but they neglect the body, viewing it as less important. The Taoist approach however, focuses on building physical strength and vitality first, developing one’s centre and becoming grounded. The stronger the vehicle, the further you can travel. Otherwise a person floats off, unable to integrate higher spiritual experiences. In fact, many people find it difficult to function in the world and easily get sick or depleted of energy, something I experienced myself in the early days of my spiritual exploration.

Are you aware of emotions as they rise - equipped to transform them so that they don’t wreak havoc left unattended? One of the greatest hazards to your health is stress and an excess of negative emotions. They drain the organs of vital energy/Qi, create sickness, impact on your relationships and your overall sense of happiness. The Tao foundation practices focus on creating emotional balance and inner harmony by working directly with the energy of your organs. As you know we associate love with the heart - and you can cultivate that good feeling by meditating with your heart. The Taoists delved deeper and understood that each of the organs store positive virtues and negative emotions - which when out of balance creates dis-ease. Emotions like sadness or anger aren’t judged as inherently bad, they are part of our existence as humans. Like the principle of Yin and Yang - they co-exist and are interdependent on each other. But when these negative emotions take over, they create a lot of problems for your energy system and health. The good news is that it’s very easy to transform emotions - literally in a matter of minutes!

The Taoist practice is a real coming home to yourself. The deepest reconnection to your physical body, your emotional self, your sexuality and spirit. My teacher Mantak Chia says that when you learn the Tao, you will forget your doctor’s number, and then later their name! Why? Because it’s a path of empowerment - through knowledge and self-healing you gain mastery of your own body, health and energy.

Here are 4 Taoist practices for coming home to yourself:

  • Inner Smile Meditation: a love like no other - try it here! (
  • Qigong: a simple, gentle route to vitality and rigorous health. It’s sometimes called acupuncture without needles.
  • Tan Tien Practice: connecting to your energetic centre around your navel. This is where I find my deep truth.
  • Six Healing Sounds Meditation - let go of anger, fear, grief, hatred, worry and anxiety. Heal yourself, free yourself.

Home can be a happy, thriving place. When you make it that way. Will you?