Life is hard. Let’s make it easy.

It’s not always manageable doing it alone. Facing the same old problems for what seems like forever can be exhausting. Sometimes you need help, a guide, someone in your corner cheering you on. And that’s ok. 

I’ll meet you where you’re at, we’ll get to the root of the issue and implement changes so that you get transformational results. 

Having worked as a therapist for years and dedicated my life to teaching & studying the Taoist arts, I offer you a uniquely efficient approach that brings real results. 

Change is not just possible, it’s inevitable. 

What would you like to transform?


Feeling sexually alive is your birthright, no matter what age you are or how busy or stressed you feel. The fire hasn’t gone out, it just needs some tender & expert care. 

My libido went from zero to 9”. Martina F, 51 yrs


The amount of change can be overwhelming. Some key practices will ease the effects of hormonal imbalance, and you can enjoy menopause as a time of liberation. 

“I was feeling very emotional, irrational, paranoid, getting triggered easily and losing vitality. 80% of that is gone now”. Rupa S


Suffering from period pain can be debilitating & a hidden challenge. The secret is to broaden your horizon of period health beyond your uterus & big change happens. 

Within a few weeks, I was losing less blood, reduced my blood clotting medication and had considerably less pain”  Tracy T, living with endometriosis


Exhaustion is the thief of joy. Getting your baseline vitality back will help you feel like you again. Energy mastery is the single most important thing to boost your health. 

I went from going to bed at 7pm and feeling exhausted all the time to having the energy to socialise and go on longer walks. I really blossomed with my coaching sessions with Máire”  Aisling L, living with chronic fatigue 


What we hide over-powers us. There’s no shame in feeling intense emotions & it’s also important to feel free again. The practices I share will turn this around for you.

I used to shake with anxiety & feel nauseous before work meetings. Now I don’t get that anymore and I can actually enjoy the conversations. My overall anxiety is greatly reduced and my mood has lifted. Coaching with Máire is so unique compared to everything else in the mainstream  Nuria D.

The cauldron is a Taoist symbol of a container within that holds & transforms energy. It is both magical & methodical.

Drop into the cauldron with me and let’s create some alchemical change together.

If you’re not sure which cauldron to choose - set up a FREE 20 minute connection call here with me and we can chat about what’s the best option for you.

The Golden Cauldron



  • 75 min private session 
  • Session recording
  • Personalised Programme
  • Follow up email support
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The Crystal Cauldron



  • 7 x 1 hr private sessions (fortnightly)
  • Session recordings
  • Personalised Programme
  • Access to Video Library of practices 
  • Email support
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