Inner Smile Meditation


The Inner Smile is a Taoist meditation that harnesses the loving, healing energy of a smile and send this harmonious feeling to your internal organs. It’s the most embodied meditation I’ve come across and you’ll have a new appreciation for your body after you do it!

In the Tao, we say the organs hold virtue energy - just like you know that you feel love in the heart. Taoists delved even deeper and found other virtuous energies in the different organs.

Love, joy, happiness

Trust, fairness, openness

Courage, integrity

Peace, calm, wisdom

Generosity, kindness, forgiveness

By smiling you relax the nervous system & activate the vagus nerve, allowing you to drop intorest and digest’/ ‘feed and breed’. When you focus your awareness on positive virtues, you cultivate and grow this energy. Exponentially.

Here are some key benefits of the Inner Smile Meditation:


Releases stress

Activates the vagus nerve and induces an optimum neurological response

Cultivates vitality - negative emotions drain the life force from your organs, while this meditation brings balance and increased Qi/energy

Boosts mood - releases ‘feel good’ hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin

Establishes a powerfully deep body connection which is very grounding

Develop a beautiful loving relationship with yourself - this is the ultimate, nurturing self care practice

I love the Inner Smile meditation

My day is so different when I start it with this practice. There is more flow, happiness and ease within me and around me.  Long term doing the Inner Smile has helped me to develop a very healthy, loving relationship with myself. 

It’s a simple concept of smiling and thanking your organs. You are the change-holder, and the real magic is in the energetic shift you feel straight away.

Try it out for yourself - download this FREE 20 min Inner Smile meditation! 

Let me know how you get on.


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