Gain more vitality and be in control of your health journey

Screw the norm.

The truth is you’ve been greatly miseducated.

We live in a world of reactive healthcare. You’ve been conditioned to only do something when you get sick.

There’s enormous fear about menopause and too many women and people who menstruate suffering with period pain.

Shame about sex means we don’t talk about it and fail to embrace sex as something beautiful, powerful & life-giving. 

Not good enough!

Taoism offers a revolutionary approach to sex as health & a way to evolve as a person.

By combining ancient Taoist embodiment practices with the latest neuroscience research you’ll gain a full body care system to radiate vitality and feel your libido & sexual confidence rise. 

This is where East meets West, the physical bridges the metaphysical and where science & spirit merge.

Forget the old programme. 

Do YOU. And do it brilliantly.

The revolution starts here.

It’s no fun being exhausted and stuck in the trenches of work, parenting, bill-paying and relying on coffee to get you through the day.

When sex is not even on the table, but swept under the dusty, worn carpet beneath, you know you need change.

Sex is the foundation of your health. 

And the secret to long life! 

It’s your expression and aliveness of being a woman whether in a relationship or single. 

I can help you put sex and your hormones centre stage of your self care. 

With balanced hormones life is simpler, ‘no drama’ is your middle name. 

You feel like you again.


Start here!

Taoist Inner Smile Meditation

Change your mood in a matter of minutes, let go of stress and love yourself from the inside out.

Try the Taoist Inner Smile meditation and notice an immediate change!

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My wish is for every woman to take Máire’s programme as it is such important work. The Taoist teachings and practices that Máire so beautifully presents are a perfect way to bring balance to the hormonal & nervous systems. 

I personally felt my energy levels improve with the practices, and also found more access to pleasure in my body. Máire teaches in a way that feels safe and nourishing and she inspires with her wisdom and knowledge. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Sinéad O’ Loughlin, Holistic Physiotherapist

Work with me

Ready to take a step… here’s how you can work with me

1:1 Coaching

Meet me in this safe container and be supported to make the changes that matter most to you.

I curate a personalised programme for you with practices to do at home.

Limited amount of spaces available. 

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Feminine Sexual Alchemy Programme

Learn the essence of the ancient Taoist practices that will serve you and your health through every stage of your life cycle as a woman.  

A 10 week programme for deep transformation. This lays the foundations to master your energy and emotions and meet your sexual self in the most progressive way. 

Includes a full module on how to use the Jade Egg - an ancient tool to multiply your orgasmic potential. 

Weekly live Support Circles, plus you get lifetime access. 

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Elixir is a soulful, supportive community of women and those who identify as women doing Taoist practice together and where powerful change happens.

Regulate your nervous system, feel more energised, bio-hack your hormones & happiness, tone your pelvic floor & prioritise your breast health.

Weekly Qigong classes and monthly Masterclasses.

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Workplace Wellness

We offer bespoke workshops for women’s health on a variety of topics to keep employees empowered in their hormonal journey.

Send your enquiries to: [email protected]


A mini-course about women’s libido and how to ignite your sexual fire! 🔥🔥🔥

I believe that every woman has the potential to feel lit up by their desire whether single or in a relationship, whether you’ve kids, a demanding job, or going through menopause.

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Mystery & Essence

As women when we gather, true magic happens. And when you add in energetic and sexual practice - this amplifies beyond measure.

This is your invitation to join us for Mystery & Essence, a  transformative retreat.

This is more than a retreat - it’s a step out of time, to drop into magic and upgrade your energy.

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