Feminine Sexual Alchemy

9 Week Online Programme

The most comprehensive programme for understanding how sexual energy can upgrade your life

Feminine Sexual Alchemy helps women move from a place of disconnection to intimacy in a gentle, safe way guiding you to develop an expanded, integrated sexual self.

This is a step by step approach with the trusted ancient wisdom of Taoist practices, unparalleled for its insights on sexual energy and how it can improve all aspects of your life - physically, emotionally, spiritually.

How Do I Know If This Programme Is For Me?


You believe that there’s a deeper meaning to sex, beyond what’s offered by mainstream society, you’d like to discover the unlimited potential of your sexual self and you know that an integrated sexuality is the key to ‘feeling alive’ not just in the bedroom but in your everyday life.

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If you’re a woman who: 

Feels disconnected from your sexuality as a result of your upbringing, education or past negative experiences and would like to understand your body and sexual energy in a more meaningful, empowering way

You feel a loss of libido or avoid sexual intimacy whether single or in a relationship and would like to have more confidence and interest in sex

You’ve experienced sexual trauma and would like to heal the impact of this physically, emotionally, energetically


You’d like to improve your monthly cycles or life cycles - to have pain free periods, increase your fertility naturally or sail through menopause symptom-free. Yes, it's possible!



You'd like to develop a solid and easy to implement self-care routine to enhance your overall vitality - giving you that ‘zest for life’ feeling, whilst also embodying self love, inner calm and happiness

If any of these sound like you, then I’m happy you're here, because Feminine Sexual Alchemy can help you create change on a profound and lasting level.

What It’s All About:


I’ve got to be honest with you, this programme about real practice that produces positive and immediate results. With a little dedication to yourself and doing some daily or weekly practices, you will experience deep transformation. 

This is a love affair with yourself, it's about embracing you as a woman - and understanding what that means energetically. When you love yourself, the world around you changes.

By doing these Taoist practices and by the end of the programme you will have:

Increased your overall energy and vitality - no more stagnation and lethargy!

Feel happier in yourself and more emotionally balanced - less affected by negative external events

Dramatic increase in libido, greater pleasure, better sex and more powerful orgasms - no matter what age you are

Have your own rock solid self care routine, whatever time commitment you can give on a daily or weekly basis

Feel empowered about how to nourish your physical, emotional and sexual wellbeing - discover your inner natural pharmacy

What’s Inside Feminine Sexual Alchemy?


This 9 week programme is a complete step by step approach with practices that can be easily integrated into your daily life. It’s a self paced video course with lifetime access. It's suitable for all women at any stage in life. You’ll receive each module week by week with some integration weeks to allow you time to repeat and embody the practices.

Module I

Connect To Your Internal Universe

  • Develop a deep, loving relationship with yourself
  • Start to heal your body and raise your vitality with Qigong
  • Connect with your energetic centre

Module II

Back to Your Body Wisdom

  • Gain emotional balance through the Six Healing Sounds meditation
  • Learn to harness and channel energy/Qi in your body
  • Understand your nervous system and discover about trauma & Polyvagal Theory

Module III

Harness Your Sexual Energy

  • Learn Taoist Breast Massage for radiant breast health and to improve hormonal balance
  • Tone your PC muscle and rejuvenate your sexual organs
  • Condition your psoas muscle, releasing any deep held fears/trauma

Module IV

Pathway to Wisdom, Bliss & Vitality

  • Nourish your brain, organs and glands with powerful sexual Qi
  • Transform and heal your body with Ovarian Breathing practice
  • Access the creative/manifesting force within you

Module V

Embracing Intimacy

  • Explore more of the Yin nature of your sexuality 
  • Reclaim your sexual birthright of expansive love and ascended experience
  • Jade Egg practice & exercises to improve sexual Qi

Module VI


  • Developing a daily practice 
  • Learn about your three Mysterious Gates and the pathway to Orgasm
  • Adapting the practice to various stages of your life-cycle

Next Programme Starts in March 2022!


Self Mastery Path


This offers a supported, deep journey - giving you motivation and structure as you evolve through the practices.

This path includes:

  • 6 Modules of Women’s Sexual Alchemy Course  | Life Time Access
  • 9 Live 1 hr Group Sessions online with Máire | Q & A, deepening into the teachings
  • 1 Live class with Grandmaster Mantak Chia
  • Private Facebook group - access to Máire for extra support & inspiration
  • Bonus Teaching | The Manifesting Power of Your Clitoris
  • Bonus Teaching | Jade Egg Ritual with Máire ~ Live guided practice 
  • Group Work | Extra encouragement and support, practical exercises


Installment Option €239 x
3 months

Installment Option €120 x 6 months

Mentorship Path


This is for those who need more individualized support. This has very limited availability!

This path includes:

  • 6 Modules of Feminine Sexual Alchemy | Lifetime Access 
  • 3 one to one sessions with Máire 
  • Personalised Programme 
  • 9 Live 1 hr Group Sessions online with Máire | Q & A, deepening into the teachings
  • 1 Live class with Grandmaster Mantak Chia
  • Private Facebook group - access to Máire for extra support & inspiration
  • Bonus Teaching | The Manifesting Power of Your Clitoris
  • Bonus Teaching | Jade Egg Ritual with Máire - Live guided practice 
  • Group Work | Extra encouragement and support from those in the group


Installment Option €339 x
3 months

Installment Option €170 x 6 months

Feel Safe With Our 14 Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Feminine Sexual Alchemy is an expertly curated programme of Universal Healing Tao practices in a way that the original Taoist teachings have been carefully preserved. It’s not a watered down or diluted version. It hasn’t been cherry picked and mixed with other teachings which gives a sense of depth and completion. These teachings come from a strong lineage of Taoist Masters both female and male - the earliest sexologists known to historians! 

Máire has trained directly with Taoist Grandmaster Mantak Chia - the most quoted person in the world on sexual energy. The true essence of the practices have been preserved and that’s what adds to its potency and the phenomenal results that women experience. The practices have helped countless women from all over the world to experience radical change. 

As a testament to that I’m offering you a money back guarantee if you haven’t experienced some level of transformation within 14 days after doing the practices as described. 

By Day 14 you will have received the first 2 Modules which gives you the opportunity to work on your physical and emotional well being before making a final commitment. 

If at that stage you don’t feel a change in your energy levels and emotions, simply reach out, show us you’ve been doing the practices and we’ll refund you your investment.

Do You Feel A Resistance?


I want to share with you that when I first came across this work, although I was desperately seeking it, when it came down to it, I nearly bailed. I wanted to run away and not deal with it. I felt there were big open wounds, too big for me to heal. I thought it would be too painful to explore my sexuality, and I knew there were deep fears inside. 

If you’re feeling that right now, it’s totally normal. It’s your protective mechanism kicking in. This plays an important role in preserving yourself. You want to know that it’s safe to dive in. That you won’t get overwhelmed. That you can trust the person who is teaching you.

Let me say I know all of these fears and concerns and they are all valid. I know how important it is to feel trust in someone as you explore this most intimate and sacred part of yourself. 

For this very reason I’m offering a FREE 20 min exploration call to anyone who would like it. This will give you an opportunity to get a sense of me as your teacher, explore more about the programme and check if it really is a fit for you. It's a no pressure call...I truly believe that the people in magnetism and divine timing. 

At this point I’d like to mention that I have done training in trauma with Dr Stephen Porges, who developed Polyvagal Theory - the science of safety and trust as well as with Deb Dana, another world-leader in trauma and the nervous system. I’ve a health science degree from Trinity College, Dublin and I’ve spent years working with the nervous system and the mind-body connection. All of this experience informs the teaching on the programme. For me, feeling safe is paramount. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why I Want To Share These Profound Teachings

I am so thrilled to bring this programme to you and share the absolute gems of wisdom and immediate benefits that Feminine Sexual Alchemy offers. It has hugely transformed my life to the point that I can’t even imagine life without it. Everything flows more easily now. I’m happier, with lots of vitality and feeling more sexually alive than I ever was in my 20’s.

The great thing is how simple these practices are and how easy they are to integrate into a busy lifestyle -  I’ve learned to tap into an infinite reservoir of internal energy and creative power! 

As well as sexual healing, it has brought me vitality, wisdom, magnetism and a sense of ease going through life. I know whole-heartedly that when you do the practices that it will do the same for you. My wish is that all women know about these practices because it brings such a sense of empowerment over your own life.

It is an honour for me to be your guide into your Internal Universe to help you discover the wonders of energy work - to make it accessible and clear to you, distilling years of my practice and teaching. I believe that ultimately all wisdom is within the cells and consciousness of your own body. The healing and transformation comes from within - you have all the tools you need. You just need to know how to use them! 

Let me show you how….

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