Feminine Sexual Alchemy


The 9 week programme to transform your health & your sex life


Feminine Sexual Alchemy is a 9 week programme that teaches you simple, yet efficient practices to transform your sex life, help you feel healthier and happier so you have more energy and creativity to do the things you love. 

Whether you’re juggling a million things at once and feel your sex life is on the back burner or its actually MIA!

If you’re suffering with period pains & PMS or noticing the not so glamorous effects of peri/ menopause - these tried and trusted ancient Taoist practices are the shortcut to biohack your sex hormones and feel on fire again. 🔥

I absolutely loved every second of Feminine Sexual Alchemy. It's one of the most transformational courses I've ever experienced. Máire created a really safe space

- Aisling L. (35 yrs)

I’ve just finished the Feminine Sexual Alchemy programme with the wonderful Máire Ní G. It has truly been one of the best things I’ve ever done in my 52 years of living

- Siobhán C. (52 yrs)

My libido went from zero to 9 almost overnight. My husband says he's benefited from the investment too! I’ve had no symptoms of menopause yet either & feel so healthy

- Martina F. (51 yrs)

This is for you if you’re a woman who: 

Feels somewhat disconnected from your sexuality as a result of your upbringing, education or past negative experiences and you'd like to explore your sexual self and have more confidence as a lover

You're tired, exhausted even, the last few years have taken its toll and sex is low on your priority list for things to focus on. You often find you're not in the mood or it feels like a chore or, its on the back burner!

You’d like to improve your monthly cycles or life cycles - to have pain free periods, increase your fertility naturally or sail through menopause symptom-free. Yes, it's actually possible!

You’ve heard of the jade egg but get confused with lots of conflicting information out there. You'd like to learn it in a safe and complete way that's in line with the original Taoist teachings and tradition.

You'd like to develop a solid and easy to implement self-care routine to enhance your overall vitality - giving you that ‘zest for life’ feeling, whilst also giving you oodles of self love, grounding and happiness

If any of this resonates, then I’m happy you're here!

What It’s All About:


Let's get real! This programme is about actual practice that produces positive and immediate results. With a little bit of practice, you'll experience deep transformation. 

This is the start of a love affair with yourself! 

By doing these Taoist practices and by the end of the programme you'll have:

Increased your overall energy and vitality - no more tiredness and lethargy!

Feel happier in yourself, less stressed & anxious and not as affected by the cyclone-like chaos around you

Dramatic increase in your libido - feeling spontaneous arousal again, better sex and more powerful orgasms - no matter what age you are!

Have your own rock solid self care routine, whatever time commitment you can give, whether that's 10 mins or half an hour

Feel empowered with new knowledge and confident about your body and your health, including your sexuality. 

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What’s Inside Feminine Sexual Alchemy?


This 9 week programme is a complete step by step approach to mind-body-sex transformation that you'll easily fit into your busy schedule.

It’s a self paced video course that you can do at a time that suits your lifestyle best. Plus there's extra support of live weekly meetings.

Did I mention that you get lifetime access? So there's no rush to get it all done in one go. Plus you can come back to it again and again. 

It's suitable for women in any stage of life and those who identify as women.

Module 1

Connect To Your Internal Universe

  • Improve your mood in minutes with a smiling energy meditation
  • Start to get more energy &  vitality with Qigong
  • Feel calm and clear by connecting to your centre

Module 2

Back to Your Body Wisdom

  • Let go of stress, anxiety, anger with the Six Healing Sounds meditation
  • Learn to increase your energy levels & channel Qi in your body
  • Map your nervous system as you discover about Trauma & Polyvagal Theory

Module 3

Harness Your Sexual Energy

  • Learn Taoist Breast Massage for radiant breast health and to improve your hormonal balance
  • Tone your PC muscle and prevent energy leakage
  • Activate your psoas muscle, releasing any deep held fears/trauma

Module 4

Pathway to Wisdom, Bliss & Vitality

  • Get confident with all the latest research & info on sexual anatomy
  • Learn 'Ovarian Kung Fu' - to lessen the impact of periods & menopause
  • Explore a martial arts form of Qigong- 'Iron Shirt' - feel way stronger in your body and more grounded 

Module 5

Embracing Intimacy


  • Explore a new approach to sexuality that is more about receiving & relaxing 
  • A safely guided Jade egg ritual to increase your sexual potential
  • Jade egg exercises to tone your vaginal muscles

Module 6


  • Developing a daily practice that you can fit into any schedule
  • Learn how to use orgasmic energy to nourish & revitalise your organs, glands and brain 
  • Adapting the practice to your menstruating years, fertility, peri/menopause & to life situations that can throw you off centre

Thank you so much for this illuminating experience. I’ve really benefited from the programme and I’ve found the circle really supportive. My energy levels have increased substantially, I’m really enjoying the Breast Massage and my orgasms have been out of this world, they feel so divine. I’ll be recommending the course to all the women I know

- Anne Marie C. (54 years)

I found that I was not just feeling sexier but also falling in love with my body - I could finally look in the mirror and say “hey, you’re beautiful”. I feel less stressed, have more energy for doing stuff with the kids and I’m calmer in myself. Sex has become more pleasurable, I can orgasm easier and feel more turned on during the day. It’s actually magic

- Tara L. (42 years)

I’ve endometriosis and fibroids and never used to leave the house when I had my period. Since the FSA programme I don't lose as much blood and I’ve more energy and way less PMS. And I leave the house! This was so different to any other approach I tried - it’s a whole body care system. Anyone who suffers with period pain should try this

- Tracy T. (44 yrs)

Gates Open on March 2023!

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Self Mastery Path | 9 Week Programme with Lifetime Access


This pathway offers you a supportive journey - giving you motivation and structure as you evolve through the practices in the company of like-hearted women. 

This path includes:

  • 6 Curated Modules of Feminine Sexual Alchemy Course  | Life Time Access
  • Bonus Module unlocked on completion of course material  
  • 9 Live 1 hr Group Sessions online with Máire | Q & A, deepening into the teachings
  • Private Community Membership Space  
  • Bonus Teaching | The Manifesting Power of Your Clitoris
  • Bonus Teaching | Jade Egg Ritual with Máire ~ Live guided practice 
  • Facilitated Group Sharing | Extra encouragement, support and resources
  • Optional Partner Support system available  

Mentorship Path | 6 Month Programme with Lifetime Access


This is designed to give you that extra support needed to make radical change in your life inside and out with personalised mentorship from Máire. Limited places.

This path includes:

  • 6 x 1:1 Sessions with Máire focused on areas of your choice including period health, fertility, menopause/ perimenopause or sexual trauma
  • A Personalised Programme to catalyse your transformation
  • 6 Curated Modules of Feminine Sexual Alchemy | Lifetime Access 
  • Bonus Module unlocked on completion of course material 
  • 9 Live 1 hr Group Sessions online with Máire | Q & A, deepening into the teachings
  • Private Community Membership Space
  • Bonus Teaching | The Manifesting Power of Your Clitoris
  • Bonus Teaching | Jade Egg Ritual with Máire ~ Live guided practice 
  • Facilitated Group Sharing | Extra encouragement,  support and resources
  • Optional Partner Support system available 

Do You Feel A Resistance?


I want to share with you that when I first came across this work, although I was desperately seeking it, when it came down to it, I nearly bailed! 

I wanted to run away and not deal with past traumas. I felt there were big open wounds, too big for me to face. 

If you’re feeling that right now, it’s totally normal. It’s your protective mechanism kicking in. This plays an important role in preserving yourself. You want to know that it’s safe to dive in. That you won’t get overwhelmed. That you can trust the person who is teaching you.

I know all of these fears and concerns and they're all valid. I know how important it is to feel trust in someone as you explore this most intimate and sacred part of yourself. 

For this very reason I’m offering a FREE 20 min connection call if you'd like to chat. It's a relaxed chat - like having a cuppa together. 

It'll give you an opportunity to get a sense of me as a teacher, explore more about the programme and check if it really is a fit for you.

I just want to share a little more with you about my qualifications - I've done post-graduate training in Trauma with Dr Stephen Porges, who developed Polyvagal Theory - the science of safety and trust as well as with Deb Dana, another world-leader in trauma and the nervous system.

I’ve a health science degree from Trinity College, Dublin and I’ve spent over 20 years working with the nervous system and the mind-body connection.

All of my experience & training informs the teaching on the programme.

For me, safety and integrity is the most important thing.  

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I'm happier, healthier and more sexually alive now in my 40's than I ever felt in my 20's! 


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