From zapped to zippy, from frozen to free

Hi! I’m Máire (and for those of you not familiar with Irish names, let me help you out with how to say it...Moira)

So the existential question everyone is trying to answer - who am I? And how did I end up here? (I’m doing this publicly so give me some extra kudos for that!)

I guess it started with Cosmo magazine. And fumbling my way through early sexual encounters. Experiencing trauma, but not even aware of that until years later.  

I had a deep knowing that there’s got to be something more meaningful to sex than what society is offering up on a plate. I was looking for less all-you-can eat buffet and something a bit more fine-dining!

I traveled the world in my 20’s - did the cliché spiritual journey of going to find myself in the Far East & beyond! I shook hands with the Dalai Lama in the Himalayas, stayed at yoga ashrams in India, took part in ceremonies with shamans in Brazil and tried all sorts of treatments and ‘healing sessions’. I literally tried it all. 

Then I found the Tao.

And with my science hat on, approached it with a healthy dose of cynicism. 

When I say transformation within a few weeks…the efficiency of these practices blew me away.  

Within a couple of weeks I had:

  •  more energy & vitality - less zapped and more zippy
  •  got a handle on my anxiety which was ruining my life & I started to feel happier & more confident
  •  my hormones became balanced and my periods improved so much that its now the most zen time of the month for me with no pain or PMS
  •  I started to feel interested in sex again, which had frozen over. This has been an upward curve right into my 40’s and rising! 

Now, 15 years later - these Tao practices are the absolute nourishment of my life and also for the women I teach.

I live the Tao every day. 

And I’m here to show you a few things that can make your life so much easier. 

A few credentials... 

I’m a certified Universal Tao Instructor and trained directly with the world-famous Taoist Grandmaster Mantak Chia. I’ve done over 3,000 Tao training hours and continue to learn and upgrade.

Roll back 20 years and I was in Trinity College graduating with a Health Science degree in Occupational Therapy. 

I’ve a Postgraduate Diploma in Bereavement & Loss - which is something that we all experience in our lives and requires a certain sensitivity and holding. 

I studied Trauma & Polyvagal Theory - the science of safety and trust - with top neuroscientist Dr Stephen Porges who developed the theory & leading clinician Deb Dana. 

I’ve worked for non-profit children’s organisations developing and leading psycho-social programmes in Ireland, UK and Africa. 

And life. I’ve lived a lot in this adventurous lifetime. I call them my past lives. So many people have said to me ‘you should write a book’, but instead I write emails to people like you and share what I’ve learned along the way. 

A little more about me…

For the last couple of years I’ve lived as a digital nomad in places like Bali, Malta & Gozo and now in Mallorca. 

My wild spirit is at peace when I’m on a scooter with wind in my hair, sunshine and the smell of coconuts!

When I’m not doing Taoist stuff, I love to dance tango and eat pink grapefruits. 

Not at the same time. 

I’d love you to try this smiling, feel-good meditation and tell me about you!


Download the Inner Smile Meditation