A Sexual Alchemy Retreat for women


“A circle of women may just be the most powerful force known to humanity. If you have one, embrace it”

- Jeanette Leblanc -

As women when we gather, true magic happens. And when you add in energetic and sexual practice - this amplifies beyond measure.


I want us to go back to our roots of being in circle, of healing and transmuting in the deep presence and support of one another. Of invoking the magic of Heaven, Earth and the Cosmos - and be aligned with a greater Way, moving differently in the world with this secret knowledge. 

As you’ve been learning the Taoist practice I’m sure you want to feel it in your cells, embody it in your bones so that it becomes part of you and how you live. 

Sexual energy is the short path to living an extraordinary life. The greatest life-hack and what you need more of. 

So this is your invitation to join us for Mystery & Essence, a week long transformative experience.

This is more than a retreat - it’s a step out of time, to drop into magic and upgrade your energy. It’ll stay with you for months and warm your inner fire before the cold of winter seeps in.

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Taoist women were the knowledge holders of sex, herbs, magic, healing and the higher esoteric practices. They were known as the Immortal Sisters, with a natural affinity for the Taoist way.



In this healing retreat we’re gathering as sisters to embody the transformative power of the Tao. This is about expanding your practice - to feel it deep in your cellular memory and be fired by sexual energy. 

This is your time to regenerate - to connect to your essence. 

It’s a week for you to feel spoiled, develop lasting friendships, have fun, reconnect with your inner self and walk away renewed as the incredible woman you are. 

Sample Schedule 

  • Morning Qigong/Tao Yin 
  • Breakfast 
  • Workshop
  • Lunch 
  • Relax / Pool Time
  • Afternoon Practice
  • Dinner 
  • Community Connection 

There’s approx 4 - 5 hrs of practice per day, which I’m sure you know means a big reset!! 

This retreat requires some experience with Taoism, but we have opportunities to try the practices before the retreat - just drop us an email and we'll give you the best advice on how to join.  

It's perfect if you'd like to kick-start your practice or would like more bespoke in-person instruction!

Email: [email protected] if you've any questions!

Sample of Day Workshops:

  • Cultivating Jing
  • Jade Egg Ritual 
  • Somatic Art with guest teacher, Nadia Gativa

Mid-way through the retreat we’ll have a day trip to check out some of its nicest local spots. 

With limited places available, this is a bespoke and intimate retreat, offering personalised support.


I’m excited to welcome you into this magical field of energy and sexual transformation. It’ll be infused with love and connection as you unfold the truth of your own mystery and essence.

- With heart, Máire -

Mystery & Essence Retreat


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