Women aren’t crazy and porn is not the model for a woman’s sexual experience.

For too long we’ve been living in a man’s world with a patriarchal lens on everything from PMS to pleasure.

The education and information you’ve received about your sexual energy falls so far below the mark, its pretty much non-existent.

Taoism is unparalleled for its insights on sexual Qi and how to use this energy to transform your life - the way you feel, the things you can do, the ideas and creativity you’ll unleash.

As a woman, Tao offers you an empowering way to reclaim your health, your hormones, your innate happiness and the true knowledge of your sexual potential.

reclaim. is a half day introductory workshop to the Feminine Sexual Alchemy practices.

It’s packed with Qigong, meditation, Taoist energy techniques and easy to implement take-home practices that you can do in a few minutes. 

Come and reclaim ::


A loving connection to you, where it's easy to be kind to yourself in how you think and feel everyday

Your sexuality ~ with new actionable insights from an ancient tradition and not what society has been feeding you for years

The wisdom of your emotions (& organs) and how they can help harmonise your cycles (menstrual or life cycles)

Your breast health ~ how to move the tissue, reduce stagnation and harness its potent energy

Your libido ~ simple practices that really work and get your juices flowing

Explore, experiment and try these energy enhancing ancient Taoist practices ::


A combination of breath and movement, this is meditation in motion. Get your energy flowing through the rivers of your body or meridians. This is also known as acupuncture without needles. Expect to feel energised, calm and focused.

Inner Smile Meditation

Come home to yourself with the most kind, loving, accepting way of being. Developing deep self-love, this meditation has a physiological impact on your happy hormones and activates the vagus nerve so you can be more emotionally resilient.

Breast Massage

A simple practice that every woman should know because with just 3 minutes a day you can create an incredible impact on your cycles and hormones, as well as improving your breast health. It’s also one of the keys to orgasm!

You’ll also learn some Taoist secrets to sex, energy practices to charge your battery, ways to release emotions and sexual anatomy.



Date: Saturday August 20th 

Venue: Fumbally Stables, Dublin 

Time: 10am - 1pm

Join reclaim.