Sexual Self Care

Self care is a hot topic and one that goes beyond oil scented baths and spa weekends. You might be getting to grips with healthy snacking and a good sleep routine - but how is your sexual self care?

Your sexuality is as vast as the cosmos and a key part of who you are and how you show up in the world. It’s a creative, regenerative and powerful energy source - the very origins of life itself!

As women, there’s often still a shadow of taboo around owning your sexuality and leaning into its fullest potential.

Probably as you grew up you got mixed messages that have taken years to unpack, if you’ve even started unpacking!

Sexual self care is how you nourish your relationship with sex, your body, emotions, attitudes and sexual expression. It’s as much about education and enquiry as slowing down to take the time to connect with yourself.

It deserves to be centre stage in your self care mojo!

I’m teaching a FREE Live Masterclass on Sexual Self Care on Monday October 3rd at 7pm Irish-time.

Here’s what you’ll come away with :


How to sexually self-care in 3 simple steps

Ways to consistently be in touch with your sexual self everyday and not just in the bedroom

A new understanding of the importance of your sexual self & how to prioritise it

Redefining sexual exploration (that doesn’t necessarily involve porn or kink)

Confidence in your own attitude towards sex & sexuality

Save Your Spot

This Masterclass is educational, experiential and will open your eyes to a new way of doing self care! It’s for women, those who identify as women or vulva owners.

Looking forward to welcoming you there!